DVN Workshop in Shanghai – ELS Conference

There was a large attendance of 370 people at this DVN workshop in Shanghai on April 26th-27th, with many interesting lectures.
ELS presented a lecture “Lighting future and training for its preparation”.

Detailed presentation by Jean-Paul Ravier ELS “Lighting future and training for its preparation:
20170411 Presentation for Shanghai DVN Workshop PDF

The future activities of lighting is first sustained by the development of the automotive production.
During the last 50 years, this production doubled roughly every 25 years, from 22millions in 1967, to 47 in 1992, reaching around 100millions in 2017. It is forecast the continuation of this growth in the next 25 years, at a little bit reduced but still strong pace of +2,5% per year instead +3% in the past 50 years, thanks to the equipment of countries under development.

Besides this growth factor, the enrichment by the technology will continue to be positive for the activity.

The traditional growth enablers for lighting were safety and style, and they will continue to sustain the development of lighting technology, particularly for LEDs penetration, currently at 15% of market and forecast at more than 80% in 2030.
Lighting systems using a camera, for instance automatic LB/HB, ADB, and certainly soon automatic levelling will pursue their development strongly pulled by the next generalization of cameras used for other function as Automatic Emergency Braking.
But the decisive factor for lighting future will be the development of autonomous cars, starting really in 2020, and that could represent 50% of the market 20 years later in 2040.

New functions will appear, for instance new signalling functions to inform others, or LIFI communications. Sensors as LIDAR or complementary cameras will have to be integrated in headlamps and rearlamps imposing important efforts of miniaturization.
For front lighting, autonomous cars will still need a good beam, perhaps less for the camera that have already a better sensitivity than our eyes, and so are requiring a more modest level of illumination, but for the comfort of passengers and their perception of safety.

So the huge trend of complexity increase in lighting products seen in past years will continue in the future, at least during the next 25 years. This is requiring in parallel huge increase of well-trained people.
Embedded Lighting Systems is proposing a specific and unique training for young engineers to prepare them to these challenges. It is a high level international advanced master, 100% in English, in Paris Orsay campus, gathering students from many countries. A first academic semester from September to December with professors from the best specialized engineering schools in France and with many experts from the industry is giving to the students a complete training in Optics, systems, design, .. covering the different fields of the technology. Then during the second semester from January to June, a professional thesis in a lighting company is realized.

We invite you to send some of your engineers to this very helpful training. Information and contact in www.embedded-lighting.com or jean-paul.ravier@institutoptique.fr