ELS by Jean Philippe BENOIST, Renault

The French Magazine « Ingénieurs de l’ Automobile » published an interview of Jean Philippe BENOIST, Head of Lighting Development Department in Renault, named: “Lighting will participate fully in the autonomous vehicle revolution” – link below

Sorry for that, but it’s in French!

However please find below the translation of the extract of the article when dealing with ELS:

“That’s why Renault helped set up the ELS Chair in Lighting. “We started from the observation that the engineers working in this sector do not have the skills in the three areas of mechanics, electronics and optics,” says Jean-Philippe Benoist. The Master that we have put in place makes it possible to acquire this base, “he says. For this Chair, which also does research, the actors were inspired by what is done in Germany, in Darmstadt, where a real ecosystem has been set up. There is a very powerful link between the University’s laboratories, from which a lot of innovations come out, and the industry from all over the country. It turns out that all the engineers working in lighting, within the automotive industry, and in particular the German OEMs, have gone through this University, which has set up a specific sector for automotive lighting. An example that France would like to apply. “We have a lot of labs in France, but we need to strengthen their links with the industry,” says Jean-Philippe Benoist. He hopes that the ELS Chair will enable the establishment of a virtuous German-style ecosystem and pull the sector up.”

Ingénieur de l’Automobile-J.P. Benoist-janvier2018