Welcome week: 2nd day in Renault Technocentre


Francois Bedu Renault Lighting expert with ELS students In the morning, François BEDU, Renault Lighting expert was our guide: Visit of the Lighting workshop (resources, dark-room and presentation of Renault Lighting Department activities), visit of the CAVE (immersive 3D studio) and finally visit of HELIOS (Lighting simulator) where our students had the opportunity to have a virtual night drive! Renault HELIOS lighting simulator

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Welcome week: 1st day in ESTACA Saint Quentin.


ELS 2020/21 session: a very special vintage… with French students only. Indeed, our Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Lebanese candidates were unable to join us for this start of the 2020 school year because of COVID. This did not prevent Bertrand Barbedette, Sebastien Saudrais, Nora Smain, Emilie Moity and Philippe Jaillette from welcoming the students to present the programs as well as the operating procedures. ELS students @ ESTACA The afternoon was devoted to an Introduction to the Automotive Industry as well as to the activities of the ELS Chair, and more particularly in terms of Research by Dr. S [...]

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Car design trends !


Remarkably interesting article from Mark Takahashi about the fancy car design trends he would like to disappear.... Would have been interesting to receive his feedback about Lighting designs.... #els #automotive #mobility

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Gilles VIDAL joined Renault


Gilles Vidal Philippe Jaillette ELS Event Good opportunity to remember when Gilles Vidal was the guest speaker of the ELS Event that took place on November 2017 in the building of our ELS partner STRATE Ecole de Design ... and guess what, the successor of Gilles in PSA is Matthias Hossann, graduated by  STRATE  ! It's a small world ! ELS event Gilles Vidal Mike Levy

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