Welcome week: 1st day in ESTACA Saint Quentin.


ELS 2020/21 session: a very special vintage… with French students only. Indeed, our Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Lebanese candidates were unable to join us for this start of the 2020 school year because of COVID. This did not prevent Bertrand Barbedette, Sebastien Saudrais, Nora Smain, Emilie Moity and Philippe Jaillette from welcoming the students to present the programs as well as the operating procedures. ELS students @ ESTACA The afternoon was devoted to an Introduction to the Automotive Industry as well as to the activities of the ELS Chair, and more particularly in terms of Research by Dr. S [...]

Welcome week: 1st day in ESTACA Saint Quentin.2020-09-07T16:01:34+00:00

ELS @ IOGS FIE in 503 Building


Today, ELS Chair Team, Dr. S Azouigui and Philippe Jaillette were invited by David-Olivier BOUCHEZ and Pierre MAURIAC for a presentation of ELS Innovation activities to the FIE (Innovation track) students of Institut d’Optique. Extremely exciting meeting with close to 30 very motivated students! Great moment! #els #lighting #automotive

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Car design trends !


Remarkably interesting article from Mark Takahashi about the fancy car design trends he would like to disappear.... Would have been interesting to receive his feedback about Lighting designs.... #els #automotive #mobility

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ELS @ SIA VISION Congress 2020 !


This year again, ELS will participate to the SIA VISION Congress with a booth and 2 lectures.... A good opportunity to review the best photos of VISION Congress 2018.... SIA Vision 2018 Graizon #els #sia #automotive #lighting #sia #vision

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ELS @ Cluster Lumière


ELS will be invited by "Le Cluster Lumière" on April 6th at 2:00 pm. Lundi 6 avril 2020 à 14h le Cluster Lumière vous convie à son prochain webinaire sur L'éclairage automobile : évolution et recherche appliquée à ce domaine dans la chaire ELS   Durant 1h, Shéhérazade Azouigui et Philippe Jaillette, chercheurs de l'Institut d'Optique et membres de la chaire Embedded Lighting Systems, évoqueront l'évolution de l'éclairage automobile et notamment la recherche appliquée à ce domaine par la chaire ELS. Cette présentation portera sur les travaux menés dans le cadre de la chaire ELS (Embedded Lighting Systems), créée en 2014 [...]

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ELS Event 2020 at ESTACA on February 6th !


Despite the strikes in public transport for Ile-de-France residents and the Coronavirus alert for people from Asia, which prevented many visitors from coming to join us, this ELS Event was still a success! After a welcome speech from Ludovic Busson, Director of ESTACA, the evening was presented by both Philippe Jaillette, ELS Chair and Amanda Vieira-Fernandes, former ELS student, currently working in the department Renault lighting Sébastien Saudrais presented the different Transversal Students projects, helped by Ana Maria Bejan! Then, Bertrand Barbedette presented the status of ESTACA / ELS Innovation on the theme "SMART LIGHTING FOR AUTONOMOUS CARS" accompanied by students [...]

ELS Event 2020 at ESTACA on February 6th !2020-04-30T09:14:34+00:00