After four years as “General Manager Lighting Engineering” at Renault, Jean Philippe BENOIST – who had himself succeeded to Mathieu LIPS – will change position, always at Renault ….

It is Hervé FAYARD who will take the position at Renault … but also at the Steering Committee of the ELS!

A long tradition between RENAULT GROUP and the ELS!  Indeed, Mathieu LIPS had been among the pioneers of this ELS adventure ….

For this event, Hector FRATTY had invited the pillars of the French “Lighting” automobile activity (OEMs, Suppliers…)  but also, some prestigious foreign guests!

Hector took the opportunity to recall 3 themes that he really wants to empathise:

– The French sector: just as our German colleagues have been doing for years, it is important that France has its sector where we can debate … even between competitors.

– Regulation: an important subject, especially in these moments when new concepts are exploding everywhere!

– The setting: Hector rightly reminded us that the best projector in the world is useless without a proper setting.

Finally, Hector recalled that this year, France that organizes “the” world meeting of the “Lighting Automobile sector” with VISION 2018; he urges the French industry to go there in number, because it is an unforgettable experience for young engineers in the sector.

This event ended around the glass of friendship, which allowed everyone to strengthen this famous sector ….

A big thank you to Hector FRATTY!