The SIA – VISION 2018 Congress ended last night!

It was a considerable success! More than 600 participants from all over the world, high-level conferences, sharper exhibitors than ever before … and the ELS Chair!

The ELS Chair which was present at several levels:

– Our booth that allowed us to meet many visitors and explain who we are and what are our goals. We also had the visit of such prestigious visitors as Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, Director Development Lighting and Vision Systems in AUDI, Jacques Graizon, Chief Executive of SIA (Society of Automotive Engineers) – photo below – and many more …

– The conference presented by our Research Manager, Dr. Sheherazade Azouigui, on the topic “Advanced lighting functions using road projection” which aroused great interest from the attendance of Lighting Experts.

– But also, the visit of the students of the ELS 2018/19 session who had the opportunity to participate in the day of October 10

and students of our Innovation Entrepreneurship Branch – in common with the Institute of Optics – who were able to immerse yourself in the world of Automotive Lighting

We had a very special moment with Paul Henri Matha presenting for the last time as the Renault Lighting expert…

A big thank you to the entire SIA team – especially Molly Boissier and Hervé Gros – who performed “miracles” to make this event such a success, to Hector Fratty, VISION Conference Chair and to all the participants in this essential event.

Looking forward to SIA VISION 2020 in Paris!