We all know the growing impact of Electronics in the field of Automotive Lighting.

We are now talking about Digitalization!

That is why the ELS had accepted with interest the invitation to the Electronic Technology Day on June 26th on the theme “Vehicle 2020”

After a presentation of the global situation of the automotive industry at the global level by Franck FONTANESI, Director of Economy and Statistics at FIEV, we had the chance to hear, among other things:

Pierre LEBRUN, VALEO Electronics Group, Expertise & Development Services Director to explain to the sector the issues related to Hybrid and Electric vehicles, particularly with regard to a 2nd network of power edge. He also stressed the importance of the integration of electronics in the vehicle and more particularly the mastery of EMF, temperature management, etc …

Dr. Jochen LANGHEIM, STMicroelectronics, VP Advanced Systems R & D Programs recall that to date the different types of sensors in a car (Camera, LIDAR, Radar) have so far an effective range of about 150 meters when the human eye has about 400 meters; hence a vast room for improvement on the part of the electronics industry.

Congratulations to this event that has become a must!