As ELS Chairholder, I want to thank all the participants at our ELS Event.

All those who presented, of course and in order:

Seyni M’Baye, Head of International & Partnership @ ESTACA

Dr. Sheherazade Azouigui, Head of ELS Research @ ELS and our 2 PhD students: Guoqin Zang and Hongyi Zhang


François Balembois, Professor, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation @ Institut d’Optique

Director of Entrepreneurship


The FIE / ELS Innovation SECURELIGHT Team: Hélia Briaud, Rachel Loquet, Céline Bouffette and Julien Macquet



Sébastien Saudrais, Associate Professor in Embedded Systems @ ESTACA with the Transverse Projects students:

Project 1 CHEVALLARD Elise, LIEUTAUD Jean-Hugues, SOLIGNAC Raimbaut and VEXO GUILLET



Project 2: COURTEILLE Paul, KORLOWSKI Juliette, MOHANTA Debashish

Project 2


Project 3: PALOMEQUE Fernando, CONVERSIN Aurélien, DELATTRE Arnaud, GRILLON Thibault

Project 3


The participants to  our round table on “Light Communication for Safety and Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles”:
– Francois Bedu, Lighting Expert @ Renault Group,
– Stéphanie Bordel, Researcher in Social Psychology @ Cerema
– Whilk Goncalves, Expert in Lighting & Signalization @ PSA Groupe
– Pascal Herlin, Engineering Director, Rear Lamps @ Automotive Lighting
– Gilles Le Calvez, Vehicle Program Director @ VEDECOM
– Benoit Reiss, Research and Innovation Exterior Lighting Director @ Valeo
And of course, the moderator: Hector Fratty @ DVN



And finally, the representatives of our Associate Members:
Loic Chapon @ Bertrandt France

Associate Members


Yohan Mesmin @ Siemens Industry Software

Siemens Industry Software


Issam Khayat @ Plastic Omnium / Intelligent Exterior Systems


Intelligent Exterior Systems

But also all visitors, including Jacques Graizon, President of the SIA (French Society of Automotive Engineers) who made the friendship to leave the organization of an SIA Congress to visit us!

Thanks to everyone!

PS: if you’d like to receive the summary of the ELS Event presentation, just send me a short email.