The ELS students for session 2015-2016 have finished mid-January the academic training, preparing now the thesis in a company.
We had brilliant students, each of them having succeeded and obtained the credits for this first part of the ELS advanced master.
We have particularly appreciated their results for the transverse project, both with original design and advanced technique, demonstrating the good understanding and application of the courses.
This year, we proposed two main subjects for this transverse project:
– One for headlamp, with an adaptive long range high beam integrated in a design defined during the module “creative design” in Strate.
Projecteur projet transverse
– One for rearlamp, with a ARS system and a Lifi system integrated too in a design defined during the module “creative design”
Feu projet transverse
Some interesting solutions developed could certainly have an industrial future.
We congratulate so the students of this first ELS session and wish them a good success for the future.