Debashish Mohanta, a Lighting Engineer, was sent to France to follow the ELS Post Master by his employer, Renault Nissan of India in September 2018.

He is currently doing his Professional Thesis at Renault Nissan of India since January and until June 2019.

ELS Chair: Hi Debashish, can you give us your comments on the academic portion of the ELS program that you followed from September to December 2018?

Debashish Mohanta: Being a Mechanical Engineer in automotive lighting filed I had good understanding towards the mechanical design, but had least knowledge towards optics, system engineering, mechatronics, thermal. I got a broader view towards the lighting technology which is no more confined within just mechanical design and bulb technology, the future of automotive lighting is LEDs, Laser, electronic system, which combined together  going to reduce many mechanical constraints and errors.

ELS Chair: How is the return to RNTBI going after these 4 months of academic training? Have you noticed any changes in your daily job and what did the Post Master ELS bring you?

Debashish Mohanta: Well I have not started my daily job here, as I am still engaged with the Thesis work, but post completion of the Thesis work I expect to have a kick start for the next level of challenges, we can support RENAULT SAS for the advance level of work.

ELS Chair: Thank you, Debashish!