Fernando Palomeque, a Lighting Engineer, was sent to France to follow the ELS Post Master by his employer, Valeo of Spain in September 2018.

He is currently doing his Professional Thesis at Valéo Spain since January and until June 2019.

ELS Chair: Hi Fernando, can you give us your comments on the academic portion of the ELS program that you followed from September to December 2018?

Fernando Palomeque: Since I am product engineer in the automotive field leading the development of a lighting device, I have learned so much regarding every related topic, but never in such a deep way as in this master. Acquiring optic knowledge beginning from basic definitions and ending in high specialized thematics, learning to deal with electronic systems used in actual car or having a combined project working together with stylists has given to me a different way of thinking while developing.

ELS Chair: How is the return to Valeo Martos going after these 4 months of academic training? Have you noticed any changes in your daily job and what did the Post Master ELS bring you?

Fernando Palomeque: When I returned to my daily work, I could easily notice that I better understood every report from my metiers as I did not focus mainly in the conclusions, being able to propose further solutions or studies sometimes thinking “out of the box”. Moreover, apart from the wide acquired knowledge, having this master gives you more visibility in terms of differentiation with other people. It can help you to promote faster, always together with a hard and dedicated work.

ELS Chair: Thank you, Fernando!