The ELS Training and Research Programme as been initiated by RENAULT and PEUGEOT CITROEN, the two major French vehicle manufacturers and VALEO and AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING the two major European automotive equipment manufacturers.

Three major French Engineering Schools : ESTACA in Transportation Engineering, INSTITUT D’OPTIQUE Graduate School in Optical Sciences and STRATE in Design, join their forces on the Paris-Saclay Campus, to developp research and train engineers in the field of EMBEDDED LIGHTING SYSTEMS (ELS).


The academic partners



 A major European actor in the field of transports and mobility

Founded in 1925, ESTACA Graduate School of Engineering, is highly specialized in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, space and railway industries. ESTACA is a member of ISAE group, 1st world cluster in aerospace training and research. Through innovative pedagogy and with its rapidly developing research center, it trains industrial engineers known for their technological know-how.
ESTACA’s graduates undertake the design, development and production of transport systems and components. The industry has ranked ESTACA among the best engineering schools for its expertise in the transportation fields.

ESTACA in figures

– 2 campuses: ESTACA-Paris Saclay in Saint-Quentin-en Yvelines and ESTACA Campus-Ouest in Laval

– 280 graduates per year

– 1500 students

– 6000 alumni

– 2 research laboratories

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ESTACA website


Institut d’Optique Graduate School

A Higher Education and Research Institution in photonics

Institut d’Optique Graduate School is a grande école and a founding member of ParisTech and Paris Saclay University. Its international reputation is built on the quality of the education it offers and the major scientific contributions of its research centre.
Institut d’Optique Graduate School trains engineering physicists and Master’s and PhD students who go on to become some of the most innovative members of business and academia.
Both sciences and technologies, optics and photonics have revolutionised many economic sectors, introduced significant changes in our daily lives, and contributed to the emergence of new fields and advances in many others, such as telecoms, transport, healthcare, biotechnologies, aerospace, and eco-industries.

Institut d’Optique Graduate School in figures

3 sites developping education, research and innovation :

  • Palaiseau , Paris-Saclay University
  • Saint-Etienne , Jean Monnet University
  • Bordeaux , Bordeaux University

3 internationally renown research laboratories

  • Laboratoire Charles Fabry – Palaiseau ( IOGS-CNRS)
  • Laboratoire Hubert Curien – Saint-Etienne ( Université Jean Monnet-IOGS-CNRS)
  • Laboratoire de Photonique, Numérique et Nanostructures – Bordeaux ( IOGS-Université de Bordeaux-CNRS)

130 graduates per year (Engineering, Master of Science, PhD)

400 students

2000 alumni

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Strate Ecole de design


Design The French Way

Strate, one of the best French design schools, provides innovative designers for more simplicity, more fairness and more beauty in our world.

stratelogo-signature  Strate

Strate – School of Design

Created in 1993, Strate – School of Design is one of the best Transportation design schools in the world. There is not a single car company without Strate alumni. Strate trains transportation designers for tomorrow, capable of developing a transversal and global vision of all mobility issues with a double exigency in terms of formal and conceptual excellence.

At Strate, students are trained to become strong professionals thanks to an intensive project-based pedagogy, car manufacturer master classes and partnerships, and a strong emphasis on all representation techniques (2D/3D)


The industrial partners

  – Founding partners:

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  – Associate Partners:

Associate partners