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ELS @ Institut d’ Optique !


ELS Students  during a practical work session: a  “railway signalling” demo !

ELS @ Institut d’ Optique !2017-11-04T14:44:20+00:00

ELS students @ STRATE École de Design


Last week, our ELS students were at STRATE École de Design - in the scope of their transverse project! You can see it was very creative ! ! !

ELS students @ STRATE École de Design2017-10-23T12:25:56+00:00

ELS at Monjob@futurauto


On October 19th, ELS Chair was promoting our diploma/cursus to a lot of (mostly) French students in the exhibition "monjob@futurauto", organized for the 1st time by S.I.A Supported by Tarek BELLA - alumnus of ELS, currently working in Renault and by Jean Philippe BENOIST (Renault) in the morning and Whilk GONCALVES (PSA) in the afternoon!

ELS at Monjob@futurauto2017-10-23T12:21:38+00:00

ELS @ 100 years celebration of Institut d’Optique (IOGS)


Yesterday took place the official ceremony of 100 years of “Institut d’Optique” (IOGS), one of the best - if not the BEST- School/ University of Optics in the world! As partner in ELS Embedded Lighting Systems Chair, I was invited to the celebration! Guess what: we had the incredible opportunity to have “LIVE”, 2 real stars of Science with us: - Alain ASPECT: Chair Augustin Fresnel in IOGS and potential Nobel Prize more on - Cédric Vilani: world famous mathematician who has "worked on the theory of partial differential equations involved in statistical mechanics, specifically the Boltzmann equation" More on [...]

ELS @ 100 years celebration of Institut d’Optique (IOGS)2017-10-14T18:05:02+00:00

ELS at monjob@futurauto


Very important event on Automotive area attractivity for students! Organized by SIA (Société des Ingénieurs de l'Autmobile on October 19th ELS will have a booth there, together with Renault and PSA - as Founding Partners.

ELS at monjob@futurauto2017-10-06T11:43:54+00:00



ELS students really appreciated the course in ESTACA this week ! 

ELS @ ESTACA (2)2017-10-06T14:26:13+00:00



This week, the ELS students moved to ESTACA for the Module 3: Systems Engineering: models and functional security Learning outcomes: System in the automotive context, including modelling and functional reliability according to the ISO 2626-2 standards.

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ISAL, one of the most important Congress in Automotive Lighting in the world, took place this week in Darmstadt, Germany, with more than 900 participants and 64 conferences. Of course, ELS was there with Jan Paul Ravier, ELS Chair and Sheherezade Azouigui, ELS Head of Research Department ! More to come in the next days about his huge Lighting Event !

ELS @ ISAL2017-09-29T08:43:57+00:00

New ELS session 2017/18 !


A warm welcome to the students of the new ELS session 2017/18 !

New ELS session 2017/18 !2017-09-22T11:42:03+00:00