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ELS @ VALEO Visibility Systems in Bobigny, France. ELS @ VALEO In the scope of the preparation of GTB study by ELS on “Evaluation of Safety Benefit of Road Projections”, we were invited by VALEO Visibility Systems Team to visit their facilities: Light tunnel, Laboratories, etc…. but also, to discuss the next steps to be organised! ELS Team in Valeo Bobigny A great thank you to VALEO and more particularly to: Benoit Reiss, Research & Innovation Exterior Lighting Director Etienne Pauty, Global Optics Métier Director Jean Baptiste Ballif, Learning & Knowledge Director for welcoming the ELS Team!

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VISION Congress 2018 !


The next VISION congress will be held next October 9th and 10th, during the Mondial Motor Show in Paris, and the scientific committee convened last week with the target to select the best lectures. VISION organizators received a total of 108 abstracts, 84 on lighting and 25 on ADAS. Most of them were at a very high level, so a great deal of discussion was needed to pick out 33 lectures. A large, diverse group of submitters included universities and institutes such as TU Darmstadt, Fraunhoffer, and L-Lab in Germany; the RPI LRC in America; ELS in France; automakers including Audi, [...]

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ELS @ the Departmental Council of Essonne.


Last Thursday March 15th, ELS was invited to a dinner by Mr. Francois Durovray, President of the Departmental Council of Essonne. The topic was "The New Mobilities", very current topic and debate animated by the participants: - Valérie Bouillon-Delporte, Hydrogen Initiative Leader, Michelin. - Olivier Binet, President of KAROS - Luc Marbach, CEO, VEDECOM - Julien Réau, R & D Director, TRANSDEV - Guy Le Bras, Director, GART - Mathieu Gardes, President, HYPE - Pierre Messulam, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, SNCF Mobilités - Marc Chevreau, Co-founder, XYT and, of course, Philippe Jaillette,  ELS. Super initiative, thank you!

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          We all know the SIA (Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile) ! But what you have to know is that SIA posted the new ELS video on their front page! A great thank you to Hervé GROS and Marie- Claude Buraux! Please have a look:

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For those who might ignore it, VEDECOM is in France the reference for Autonomous Driving –see link below. ELS was invited in VEDECOM location in Versailles Satory. Sheherazade AZOUIGUI and Philippe JAILLETTE had the opportunity to visit their facilities but also to discuss potential co-operation between ELS and VEDECOM in the scope of Autonomous Vehicles with G Le Calvez, Vehicle Department Director / JL Franchineau, Eco-Mobility Program Director, M Rahal, Perception & Planification Research / S Thromas, Training Director. This topic was also developed together with F Ben Ouezdou, Scientific Manager in VEDECOM.

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ELS @ Holophane


HOLOPHANE Company, located in Les-Andelys, 100 km West from Paris, France, invited ELS Team. Holophane is specialized in glass pressing for optic purpose in France and is also operating in China. Delivering 33 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia, Holophane is supplying glass cover lenses, and glass aspherical lenses for Halogen, Xenon and LED technologies. Used by nearly all carmakers, one out of five car newly produced is fitted with glass components from Holophane! Holophane also proposes technical glass applications to other industries, like water metering, public lighting, solar and architecture.   ELS Team - Philippe Jaillette and Shéhérazade [...]

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ELS @ DVN / Driving Vision News, in Emergence Business Center, Boulogne, FranceELS Chair, Philippe JAILLETTE, had the opportunity to meet Hector FRATTY, General Editor of DVN, profiting by a unique window frame between 2 major events, organized by DVN : the DVN Workshop in Munich  and the one to come in Japan ! This was the opportunity to review and comment the status of ELS Chair on our 3 axis : Education (Specialized Master, Continuing Education), Research (Thesis, GTB study) and Innovation (Joint Project with IOGS - FIE) Of course, DVN Vision Event that will take place in October 2018 and ELS participation [...]

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ELS @Global Li-Fi Congress


Last week, and for the first time, the scientific and professional specialists involved in LiFi gathered together to share ideas and pave the way for the future of LiFi. The event took place on the 8th and 9th of February 2018 in a prestigious venue : The Palais Brongniart in Paris. Our Head of Research Department, Ms S. AZOUIGUI, joined this quite interesting round-table on possible applications of Li-Fi in automotive and aircraft industries.

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ELS by Jean Philippe BENOIST, Renault


The French Magazine « Ingénieurs de l’ Automobile » published an interview of Jean Philippe BENOIST, Head of Lighting Development Department in Renault, named: "Lighting will participate fully in the autonomous vehicle revolution" - link below Sorry for that, but it’s in French! However please find below the translation of the extract of the article when dealing with ELS: “That's why Renault helped set up the ELS Chair in Lighting. "We started from the observation that the engineers working in this sector do not have the skills in the three areas of mechanics, electronics and optics," says Jean-Philippe Benoist. The Master that we [...]

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ELS @ DVN Workshop in Munich


We were at DVN workshop in Munich on January 30 and 31. More than 300 people representing the lighting and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) community attended this event to discuss about digital light in automotive lighting. Thanks to Hector Fratty and all DVN team for this very well organized workshop with high-quality content, including: 30 lectures from experts of automotive lighting and/or digital light, well-suited exhibitions, demonstration and production cars presenting new technologies and brainstorming on the future of digital light. And congratulations for the 10th anniversary of DVN !

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