The ELS Chair anticipates the technological challenges and prepares the automotive and transportation industry to global challenges in front and rear lighting, displays and drivers assistance.

Research at ELS is including

  • Light sources, their properties and their photometry ;
  • Design of optical lighting system and their simulation from creative design to manufacturing ;
  • Design and optimization methods for mechatronic systems ;
  • Design and integration of embedded energy systems ;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility, thermal and vibratory stresses, aging of materials and assemblies ;
  • Automatics and embedded intelligence ;

It will develop expertise at the highest international level, thus increasing competitiveness of its industrial partners in lighting and signalling in transport.

Dedicated research facilities, driven by the steering commitee , with the strict confidentiality regulations, will benefit from the expertise of the research laboratories of ESTACA and IOGS.
Through ELS , industrial partners will contribute to and benefit from a new capacity for R&D in close collaboration with the best research laboratories.


For that, we use:

  • Joint program with Institut d’Optique Graduate School Technology Venture Program (FIE) that proved its performance for years. That is an immersive program that stimulates entrepreneurial and innovation spirit on real projects – located in IOGS incubator, the 503.
  • Joint program with ESTACA on Autonomous vehicle and signalling / lighting for other road users during urban driving events, including realization of scenarios of use and material definition, handling of the prototype, definition need according to innovations and implementation and test of a scenario.