Yesterday held the ceremony of “signing” of the ELS Convention 2018/2021 at the Paris Motor Show at the ESTACA stand in the presence of our Founding Members:

Gaspar Gascon / Renault

Gilles Le Borgne / PSA

Christophe Le Ligné / Valéo

Raphael Favre / Automotive Lighting

but also, from our Associate Members:

Bertrandt: Loïc Chapon

Yann PAGES: PO / Plastic Omnium who joined the ELS Chair this year

and of course, our 3 Schools:

ESTACA: Ludovic Busson its President

Institut d’Optique / IOGS : François Balembois, Director

STRATE Ecole de Design: Dominique Sciamma, its Director

Not to mention the results, this is an opportunity to measure the progress made in the ELS for 3 years:

– a well-honed master’s degree – thank you to all those who contributed to its creation, Mathieu Lips (Renault), Laurent Sérezat (PSA), etc. … but also Jean Paul Ravier, the Scientific and Pedagogical Council and all those modules leaders, speakers, etc …

– 3 promotions: 28 students from the 4 corners of the Planet (China, India, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, USA, Romania and France) with a very high return of satisfaction and a “job” at the end!


And for the next 3 years? We will evolve the Chair and make the ELS a “real” Chair based on the 3 pillars: Research, Innovation, Education

– Research: with Dr. Azouigui, the ELS Chair wants to become a centre of competence, considered as a benchmark in terms of independent studies. Several studies are in progress, some in cooperation with universities as famous as the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

– Innovation: in 2018 thanks to a partnership with the IOGS Innovation Entrepreneurship (FIE) – which has been successful for 10 years. This year, an automotive option was created with 10 students who will be thinking of innovative products and services as part of the IOGS Start-ups Incubator, the 503! In 2019, it is a Summer Camp that we will propose with ESTACA, always in the spirit of “Innovation”

– Education: stick to the evolution of the market in terms of training by constantly adapting its offer especially for Digitalization and ADAS – and therefore necessarily to Electronics.

A great event for ELS Chair!

PS: a great “thank you” to:

Jacques Graizon and Hervé Gros / SIA who joined the event – see you in VISION Congress next week!

Renault Communication Department for their support and photos

All the members of ELS Steering Committee….