3rd day of the “Welcome Week” with the visit of PSA in Velizy, organized by Dr. Whilk GONCAVES, Lighting Expert in PSA Groupe.

First, we had the chance to have a presentation of the new lighting functionalities implemented on new PSA vehicles – such as DS 7, Electric DS 3 and new 208 but also new 2008!  The explanations came from Laurent SEREZAT, one on the founding members of the ELS Chair several years ago! Good to see him again!

In the afternoon, Nathalie LARRIBEAU, Senior Lighting Engineering ProLab Peugeot Style, explained us the “art” of convergence between Designers and the rest of the development Teams at Peugeot brand organization.

Finally, Whilk GONCAVES made a presentation of Lighting Innovation in PSA group.