ELS Event 2016 on November 29th

ELS was celebrating its two years’ existence on this November 29th with an ELS event gathering many people of the lighting community in Paris.
During this event, Jean-Paul Ravier who is chairing this Embedded Lighting Chair presented the realizations during the last two years.
The number is students is increasing  with a very international participation including Chinese, Indian, American, Brazilian, Romanian, Moroccan, Korean, Spanish and French people.
During their training, besides their learnings from the academic professors and the experts from the industry, students are too realizing a transverse project.
The three groups presented their interesting results. Each group, after having done a benchmark of one current product, is realizing with the collaboration of Strate design students a proposal for a new design. Then, he is introducing and developing in the product a new and more modern function.

New design intent based on current new Peugeot 3008. The associate research project being to introduce a low cost ADB module

New design intent based on current new Megane. The associate project being too to develop an automatic levelling system with no sensor

New design intent based on current New rearlamp of Peugeot 3008, with progressive illumination combined with ARS functions.

The ELS research program was too presented with studies in relation to the definition of future beams for autonomous cars, as well as new methods for beam homogeneity evaluation or numerical interfaces to allow advanced optical and styling simulations by car makers while not jeopardizing the confidentiality of the optical surfaces from part makers.
For the new ELS session in 2017-2018, you will have information at www.embedded-lighting.com