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  • DVN Workshop in Shanghai – ELS Conference
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    There was a large attendance of 370 people at this DVN workshop in Shanghai on April 26th-27th, with many interesting lectures. ELS presented a lecture “Lighting future and training for its preparation”. Detailed presentation by Jean-Paul Ravier ELS “Lighting future and training for its preparation: 20170411 Presentation for Shanghai DVN Workshop PDF The future activities […]

  • Recruitment for the third ELS session 2017-2018 is now opened
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    The recruitment for the third  Advanced Master ELS session is now opened. Everyone interested can contact the ELS management through the internet site, by filling up the contact field. As the number of participants is limited, thank you to contact us as soon as possible.

  • ELS Event 2016 on November 29th
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    ELS was celebrating its two years’ existence on this November 29th with an ELS event gathering many people of the lighting community in Paris. During this event, Jean-Paul Ravier who is chairing this Embedded Lighting Chair presented the realizations during the last two years. The number is students is increasing  with a very international participation […]

  • Vision Congress on October 13th-14th 2016
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    The vision congress is organized every two years in France in Paris by DVN (DrivingVision News). It was a big success this year with more than 600 participants, demonstrating the strength of the lighting communauty and the huge rythm of innovations in this sector. ELS students were invited one day in order to better understand the […]

  • New ELS session 2016-2017 started on September 5th
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    The new ELS session started on September 5th 2016. 12 permanent students and 4 in average for continuous education are participating this year to ELS programme. Students are coming from various countries: China, India, Romania, Spain, USA, Brazil, Morocco, and France, showing the worldwide interest for ELS. During the first week, a welcome diner gathering […]

  • End of the first ELS academic session
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    The ELS students for session 2015-2016 have finished mid-January the academic training, preparing now the thesis in a company. We had brilliant students, each of them having succeeded and obtained the credits for this first part of the ELS advanced master. We have particularly appreciated their results for the transverse project, both with original design […]

  • ELS Event on November 25th
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    ELS has celebrated its first year on November 25th, with a specific event gathering the lighting community in Paris. The ELS targets seen by the schools, the stakes of the chair from industrial point of view, its programme, some ELS students results, ELS research progress, ELS associate partners, and a vision of future of lighting […]

  • Innovation in car lighting
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    Jean-Paul Ravier, chairman of the Embedded-Lighting Systems research and Education programme was an invited speaker at “Les Mardis de l’Innovation” . Follow the speach (in French)

  • ADB faisceau 20150225
    Research at ELS
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    The ELS Chair anticipates the technological challenges and prepares the automotive and transportation industry to global challenges in front and rear lighting, displays and drivers assistance. Research at ELS is including: Light sources, their properties and their photometry ; Design of optical lighting system and their simulation from creative design to manufacturing ; Design and […]

  • 20161126 Promotion 2016-2017 IMG_20161018_163714 recadree
    Advanced Master
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    The vehicle lighting sector is currently undergoing major change with the development of new technologies like LED lights, as well as new and complex lighting systems functionalities. This changing landscape provides an opportunity to explore new avenues for innovation based on lasers, smart lighting solutions and new lighting functionalities. Therefore, three major Engineering Schools in […]